A Prayer

God, why do I insist of trying to wrap my brain around you? It is an exercise in futility. You cannot be fully known on this side, and yet I find myself seeking definitive answers to infinite questions regarding an omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent God. Forgive me for seeking answers and explanation instead of resting in your presence. Lead me to embrace your MYSTERY.

Lord, strip me of my pride and pretense. I confess my tendency to posture myself in humility, all the while taking pride in it. Lead me in your ways. Help me to be a reflection of you and your image only. Help me to stop gazing on myself and my shameful nakedness and to start seeing a purer reflection of you. I must decrease, you must increase. Lead me to embrace your MAJESTY.

But Lord, please protect me from my pride that seeks to make this about me and my reputation and my ministry. Help me to stop defending myself and my standing in the church. Help free me of a critical spirit. Lord, there is so much work in me to be done, but please help me not to become self-obsessed and self-focused. I want to focus on you and your story. I give you the freedom to do your work in me. Lead me to embrace your SOVEREIGNTY .

Thank you for the tools you have giving me to become more like you: the Bible, the church, even the 12 Steps, but most importantly, your PRESENCE!



About Spiritual Sidekick

Worship Leader, Minister, Singer, Writer, Ministry Leader of 12-Step Recovery program, Empty-nester, Husband, Dad and Grandpa
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